LAKOS eJPX Separators
with Smart Purges at a
Food Processing plant in Cutler, CA 

These separators filter the well water that supplies the whole plant. Following the separators were bag filters with 30 micron bags. They have since been removed as they were no longer needed due to the performance of the LAKOS eJPX separator. 

LAKOS Model PWC NSF 61 Certified Sand Separator
for drinking water well in Selma, CA 

LAKOS JPX 316 Stainless Steel Separator 

with Pneumatic Pinch Valve 

located at an ethanol plant in Madera, CA 

This unit is filtering the CIP "Clean in Place" line for the entire plant. It is working so well that they are replacing another LAKOS look a like model with a new stainless steel LAKOS in the same plant. 

LAKOS JSK-1850 & JSK-2650 with Automatic Ball Valve 
Located at Pump Station in Lewiston, ID